Best Practice Use - The Do's And Don'ts Of Portal Usage

DO read the terms and conditions of use. These can be downloaded by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen. You will be required to accept these terms and conditions before you login to the portal for the first time.

DO login regularly! Bottomline will be frequently updating the portal with new announcements, content and technical solutions. It is also a great way of getting faster answers to your queries.

DON'T share your login credentials or request shared user accounts. Not only will this contravene the licensing agreements we have with our suppliers, but it could also compromise the information we hold about your company and end users. It also means we can’t trace Ideas, Leads or Cases to the person we need to speak to!

DO inform us when you or a colleague leaves the company. This enables us to re-allocate licenses and prevent unauthorised access.

DO keep your password safe and use best practice when creating or changing passwords. Bottomline recommends at least 8 characters, including capitalised letters and two numbers.


PLEASE DON'T use defamatory language or make comments which may offend others. The portal is a community of Bottomline’s employees, partners and customers.